Who Are We ?

MxK Productions was established in 2015 by owners

Mehr & Kazeem.

They are artist who only want to make people experience the love, joy & thrill of Visual Art through their Hair Styling, Makeup, and Face/Body Paint.

Mehr & Kazeem have such an insane amount of passion. their attitudes, integrity, customer care, and drive are of the upmost as there reviews have excelled.

We hope we can make you happy and inspired too.

Our Mission in this life is to Help others, not ourselves. we believe in helping:

The Elderly, The Hungry Homeless, Abused and neglected animals, and born Transgenders.

Proceeds from our work go oversees to support the born transgenders in helping them live a stable life and get them through depression. before we retire, we want to open a school where these amazing talented individuals can get free education, free clothes, and food.


below please see a video about the hardships and struggles that transgenders go through on a daily basis. the isolation, verbal, physical, and sexual abuse. they have no rights in the far eastern countries. they are treated as trash and made fun of.

Video credit, TCM Entertainment

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